The Power of Intention

 Last year I created this vision board, when I was really struggling on my recovery. I remember finishing it off in December on a day where it hurt just to hold the scissors and turn the pages of the magazine. Now, eight months on, I’ve achieved the majority of goals within this vision. My bum still isn’t quite like the beautiful peach depicted on the board but I continue to work on it. However, I did have some more pressing things to focus on over the year.

I imagine the aspects we want most desire from our hearts, are the things which come to fruition quickest or easiest. The ball really got rolling last Sept/Oct, after a major relapse in August last year. There have still been hard days and weeks. My health is still mending and there remain ups and downs, albeit less extreme, but there has been much change. Here’s a run through in relation to my vision board:

I started using indoor gym equipment last October and my graded walks were continually extended. Additionally I began riding my bike again in January and now I get out at least once a week.

I manifested two kayaks for purchase from a friend at my husbands work, getting back out in the water for the first time this May. I also returned to swimming in February, and with some fits and starts, I’ve been swimming in the sea a couple of times a month throughout the summer. I’m lucky to be outdoors generally a lot of the time.

My finances and energy did and have increased!

I’ve been able to start increasing my ability to socialize as the months tick by, so I’ve been “getting connected” to new and old friends, including finding more positive changes in my marriage.

I’ve continued to prepare for returning to work as a life coach, using my psychology training. I’ve added training in numerology to this, which I’ve been working on since I got ill and I’ve just started to use the new Numerology Life Purpose Review Session with some long distance clients. Furthermore, I’m developing guided meditation CDs for purchase. Creating a new website, with new products, along with this blog has kept me focused. Additionally, the other day I got asked to be a columnist at It seems things can flow when you have a firm aim.

I managed a trip up to London for the first time in three years last week for a lunch with my sister, (check out the London Blog). This was incredibly empowering.

There are still some aspects to work on. Regarding, “join a choir”, I’m planning to do something around singing in the future. Funnily enough, I have a new neighbour who’s become a great friend, she just happens to be a renowned singing teacher, so maybe I’ll pick her brains and get pointed in the right direction!

I decided I didn’t need the Mickel Therapy as yet, this was something that I thought I’d try out at the time I created the board, but things moved toward assistance with The Optimum Health Clinic instead.

I haven’t gotten around to travelling yet, but we have enjoyed lots of day trips. Perhaps next year when I am back to work and hopefully learning to drive, in addition to continuing to feel more and more healthy, I’m sure a little holiday may pop up.

I’ve always believed in the power of intention. This is because it’s worked for me in the past, many times when I’ve wanted to achieve a goal. As you can see, where there is a will, there sure is a way!

Try creating your own vision board, it’s a better use of time then sitting around waiting for a miracle cure, or a change to appear out of nowhere. You have to help make it happen.

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