Ultimate Recovery Tips

  1. Learn to listen to your body
  2. Don’t get attached to ME/CFS and Fibro as your identity
  3. Support the immune system with sleep and supplements
  4. Prioritize, Plan, Pace, Present moment
  5. Eat clean and healthy
  6. Allow yourself to receive and nurture yourself
  7. Set realistic, sustainable goals
  8. Do daily exercise, (as soon as you can, even if its stretches)
  9. Become your own health investigator
  10. Read “CFS 50 Recovery Stories” & “Mitochondria not Hypochondria”.
  11. Have a continual project or focus you can dip in and out of
  12. Practice meditation and relaxation techniques
  13. Connect with others when you can
  14. Try not to get over-excited or over do things
  15. Calm the nervous system
  16. Get out to nature
  17. Say “no” more
  18. Invest in private tests or specialist GP / Clinic if your case is complex
  19. Find balance between mind and body. I.e get them working together
  20. Screw being perfect or achieving
  21. Know your limits
  22. Love who you are, without the need to be or do anything
  23. Visualise a healthy, healed you
  24. Don’t get too tired, lonely, hungry, bored or cold/hot
  25. Learn your personality type and transform your unhelpful habits

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