The Ultimate Morning Smoothie

Wanting to have something that could kick-start my body in the morning, and help me on a path to continual healing, I created a great smoothie blend. It helps to wake you up, provide the best nutrients and aid with detoxing.

Here’s the recipe: 

  • Blueberries – quarter cup
  • Spinach – couple of handfuls
  • 1 Peach / nectarine or banana (as you prefer)
  • Oats – half cup
  • Linseed or flaxseed – 2 tbl sp
  • Hempseed – 1 tbl sp
  • Chia seed – 1 tbl sp
  • Extra seeds if desire
  • Nut butter – 1 tsp (can use almond butter or make your own. Mine is homemade cashew butter
  • Almond milk or hemp drink – half cup
  • Bottled water – whole cup

You can also add vitamin C powder and some bee pollen to boost your immunity!

It’s advisable to play around with the amount of liquid so you can get the consistency you want. I don’t like mine too thick.

Blitz it up, drink it down, and feel the wonderful nutrients enlivening your brain.

Feel free to share some of your favourite smoothie recipes on a comment below!

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