ME/CFS and Fibro in a Nutshell – My Own Theory

Key Cause – Long term over-arousal of nervous system: An abnormality in the functioning of the Hypothalamus / Adrenal Axis, (causing a maladaptive stress response) and leading to problems with the metabolic system, primarily in the production of ATP

Differential terms – Chronic fatigue or adrenal burnout is not the same as ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia which are more serious health conditions. This does not however mean that one can not recover, although the level of recovery is likely due to be different for everyone and perhaps largely based on how many contributing factors have been present and fome/cfs explainedr how long, equally the time in getting diagnosed will effect things. Moreover the level of commitment to seek healing for the body and to do work on transforming ones individual psychology, in addition to biological factors will greatly accelerate things.  A healthy spiritual attitude and the development of mindfulness meditation and present moment is key to this.
Further explanation: The ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia experience is when things have tipped beyond the state of stress overload. Likely a collection of prolonged stressors or a single trauma has lead to a crash state of ill health, which often culminates in malfunction in a number of different systems in the body. Once in this position further over-stimulation will lead to pain and an immune or nervous system reaction. Over-stimulation can be anything from moving, talking, thinking more than is possible, or exerting any energy beyond what is capable at your particular stage or level of severity.

Symptoms – This can result in some or many of these factors: depleted / weakened immunity (with auto-immune related symptoms, such as swollen lymph glands, low grade fever and raised inflammation, gut and digestive problems including Candida, IBS and subsequent nutritional deficiencies). Additionally further problems with autonomic nervous system over-activity which can cause, sleep disturbance, nerve pain, adrenal burnout, eye problems, hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter dysfunctions / anxiety and depression, cardiological abnormalities including arrhythmia and POTs, migraine, muscle and joint pain, and metabolic dysfunction

Common triggers and personality types:

  • Childhood trauma – PTSD & anxiety and depression, seperation anxiety
  • Over achievers – ADD & ADHD
  • Helpers – Co-dependent types
  • Perfectionists – OCD behaviour
  • Addictive traits – substance abuse etc
  • Non-supportive diet and lifestyle – nutritional deficiency and inadequate life balance or self-nurturing activities
  • Genetic markers – predisposing family conditions and exposure to parents of the above personality types / behaviours
  • Life events / environmental factors – bereavements, many changes in relationship, home, career, having a child, financial issues

Keys to recovery – Reversing the process:

  • Eliminate or minimize environmental stressors
  • The right medication
  • Building a meditation practice
  • Use of alternative therapies
  • Private blood testing and hormonal balancing / nutritional support
  • Find security in finance, routine, discipline, purpose, relationship / community support, medical assistance where possible (maslows hierarchy)
  • Heal long term traumas (psychotherapy, EFT)
  • Transform energy depleting personality traits / habits (CBT, meditation)
  • Stop cycles of anxiety about health / relapses (hypnosis, NLP)
  • Move away from pushing / using excess adrenaline (grounding techniques, management using 3 P’s, activity scheduling)

Easier said than done! The knowledge isn’t the hard bit, living the journey, continuing to have faith and keep taking the action / acceptance needed, requires an indomitable spirit.

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