Managing Relationships with ME/CFS

The subject of dealing with relationships and the ME/CFS experience is a big topic. It can be become one of the most difficult areas to negotiate, and at times, even more stressful than being ill! It was perhaps one of the most difficult themes for me to tackle, because I experienced such loneliness when I couldn’t maintain my previous level of social life, or what I felt was my responsibility and commitment to others needs.

You may workout quite quickly who will remain by your side through this journey and who won’t. This is a harsh truth but the quicker you come to accept that it may become too tiresome or even impossible for you to do any, “keeping up appearances”, the better you will adapt to the change and maybe even a temporary hole in your family or friend circle. A lot of it will also depend how close or authentic your relationships were before you got ill and many of mine were not based on me being quite my true self. Not everyone will feel such loss, but nearly everyone I have spoken or heard talk about this subject regards ME/CFS, does experience at least some rejection or necessary change in the people around them whilst trying to get well.

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