Exercising After A Health Crisis – Body Adventures

In the last two years, I’ve slowly integrated more exercise than I did before my physical crash. I do around 50,000 steps a week, pilates at home once a week, exercise biking a couple of times a week and now swimming every two weeks. The art of rebuilding something as precious as one’s body, and healing the self, reminds me that we must be patient with ourselves, yet never give up. I’m far away from the wheelchair times, and I’m thankful for each phase of the journey.

I recently took a fun, yet challenging trip out to a local shipwreck, “The Mulberry” in Southend on Sea. I hadn’t walked out to this area for years before my crash, and it was on my goal list to see if I could do it.

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Supplements and Adrenal Support


Supplements are often a big part of the ME/CFS recovery journey for people. I know I have been downing my fair share of capsules to assist with my immunity in addition to supporting my adrenals which have been exhausted and in general over-stimulated.

Supplements can be a great assistance to the diet if your body is having trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals. However, it’s not a good idea to start taking supplements without the help of a trained practitioner because it could actually be harmful to your health if you don’t know what you are taking. You could end up doubling up or even tripling up on too much of a certain vitamin or mineral. Alternatively you could be purchasing something that is simply not worth the money. A lot of the cheap supplements can contain such weak or bad quality product.

I have been lucky to have a great Nutritionist and Dietitian that is always looking at the leading research for the most absorbable and best quality products. So my suggestion is to find yourself a good Nutritionist too; it’s the only way to deal with this area properly.

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