Our Healthcare – Don’t Take your Doctors Word For It!

nhs failing me/cfsAs I’ve discussed before, with any health concern, whether you are feeling unwell and seeking to find the cause, or dealing with a diagnosed illness, it’s wise to take responsibility for your own body. Putting yourself fully at the mercy of our healthcare system could mean danger.

I don’t want to disqualify a lot of good that’s often provided on the NHS, and I’m sure that on the whole it’s not down to the individuals who work incredibly hard at their jobs. I have some friends that are doctors and nurses and this is true of all of them. However it’s safe to say that our system is not working efficiently as a whole. Frankly, the overall structure, stinks!

Just from a psychological standpoint, the fact that society accepts our relationship with our doctor to be one of a power trip between the wounded one, and the almighty healer, does little for our personal confidence. In fact it sets up a stage for victim-hood and superiority. Yet, surely, when we are the ones with a body that is having something to say, we may know something of importance too. There is no place for joint effort or recognising the whole within our current system. Instead you and I are completely compartmentalised and drugged for ease and to cut costs. Continue reading