Gratitude list – All the things I can now do…

 Thank the heavens for supermarket trips and stand up showers!

I get so focused a lot of the time on getting further and rushing on to the next step of the recovery ladder, that often I forget to see how far I’ve come. It’s a common thing I’m sure…we all take for granted. I never thought I would again, and I do feel appreciative of all the small things, although I can still let it slip my mind.

To remind me of how much things can change when you think they never will, and to show you, you can regain your life again, here is my list of things I couldn’t do for a while and now I’m grateful for:

I’m so thankful for:

  • Being able to wash my own hair
  • Bike rides
  • Kayak trips
  • Spending time with old and new friends
  • Getting to use public transport

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