These Feet are Made for Walking

I’ve surpassed my walking dream πŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ!!

I used to struggle to stand up, and now I realise things have drastically changed.

On a recent holiday, my husband and I walked a total of 81,802 steps in 6 days, including travelling days! When I worked out the distance, I was shocked that I walked a total of 35 miles across the six days I spent in Spain. If you averaged this out, it meant that I was walking over 5.5miles a day.

Now this coming from someone who couldn’t walk more than 50metres a few years back is impressive.

I can now also walk very quickly up the three flights of seafront steps that I used to see as an impossibility for my future. In fact I’ve even run up them a couple of times. What can I say I wanted to feel like Rocky 🀣 I still have a little high tachycardia on reaching the top, but so do most people, so I’m not sweating the norm, which also continues to shift for me.

Moving toward more and more exercise after being POTS tastic is a great feeling. Everything in our stride. Along with pacing, rest, and a sensible regime you too could transcend your boundaries, and manoeuvre through fatigue.

You wouldn’t even care if you were symptomatic still if you could do the things you love, so keep striving for them!

Here’s to you walking, or swimming, dancing, doing whatever you enjoy again…

Physical Re-building through Indoor Exercise

IMG_2885If you’ve had an experience, due to ill health, where you have been out of action for a long time period, then the body becomes unconditioned. This had never happened to me before I became ill, and so I didn’t know how challenging it would be to move around, on top of feeling so sick, exhausted and full of pain.

I was unable to do exercise for over a year and was using a wheelchair for another eight months after this period. Therefore when it came to a time that I could do more than just about get down my apartment steps to the garden, I was in for a real journey of physical re-building.

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Longest walk so far…

Today I’ve reached a new place on my extended walks!

Graded Exercise Therapy has been part of the assistance I’ve been getting from the Essex Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service at Southend Hospital. By body wasn’t at all ready for exercise in the beginning and so this programme initially made things worse, especially because I’m quite a disciplined and overly achieving type of person. This in combination with being given some instruction means I can easily follow a rule like gospel and over-ride my body or my own feelings, (see the Graded Exercise Therapy post for more detailed info).

However, I like to believe you can take some good out of everything, so despite GET having it’s own public health warnings and short comings, it’s been useful for me to use in my “own”way, not as outlined in the NHS subscribed booklet way!

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