Best Nutrition & Diet Tips for Healing

We need to eat for pleasure, and for health. Allowing our minds to simply choose what tastes good all the time, or our emotions to rule our gut, is not the best course to take for our longevity or vitality.

I know when you are really struggling with being incredibly poorly, it’s about survival, so honoring this and trusting that as you get through each stage you can do more in the area of diet is important. Don’t beat yourself up about not doing things perfectly or not being where you want to be. Just do what you can, when you can, and allow for your ability to build on things to evolve naturally.

At my worst times, I was eating fast food and microwave meals. I was only able to rely on getting help with good diet half of the time. Now, as I’m much more able, I can do this full time, spending a lot of time, cooking, blitzing, preparing, storing and researching etc.

Here’s my list of many things that have helped me feel good so far:

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