Ways to Eat Well When Really Sick

hanna ehlers, mecfs recovery dietDiet plays a major role in most people’s idea of good health, not just for people recovering from ME/CFS or any other chronic illness.┬áHealthy tastes good and helps us to heal, but it requires more effort. There are times when you simply can’t give it the time. I know this is true because when I was housebound, I couldn’t cook for a long time. I was too sick to get from room to room on days and sometimes just standing up at the fridge was immense. I’d eat tuna out of a can or anything I could find that was healthy enough. I was largely dependent on getting fed by husband for a time, which was so hard to deal with having been so healthy and in control of my food in the past.

Expecting someone who is massively ill to jump up and start cooking can be unrealistic and even stressful. That’s why I have a few blogs on diet and you have to do what you can at each stage of ability. If you are having treatment for cancer or any other type of health trauma you often need to depend on others. Continue reading